Badland Winch – Look Through Before Spending a Dime

by Kris

If you are a frequent off-roader, there is one thing that you should always have with you, and it’s a winch. Being one of the most convenient and easy-to-use mechanical devices, the winch will help you lift and haul your vehicle no matter where and how badly it is stuck.

Without a winch, it will be pretty problematic for you to travel alone. However, if you’ll step into the market to purchase the proper winch, it will be quite a challenging and daunting experience. Without a good guide and direction, you can’t reach the best.

In the search for winch, you’ll see the word badland winch a lot. And here, we will talk about what a badland winch is and why you need to choose this option, among others.

Let’s get into it!

What Is Badland Winch?

Badland winch is the latest tool series of Harbor Freight popular all over because of its quality at a reasonable price. Since 1977, Harbor Freight has been working as a leading tool manufacturer. All of its products are designed and produced in the USA and supplied around the globe.

However, badland winches’ quality and state-of-art design make them stand out among many of their competitors. And the price makes it possible to fit everyone’s budget.

Why Choose Badland Winch over Other?

You might be thinking about which factors make these winches better than its competitor and why you should choose them. The answer to this question is quite simple, and hopefully, you will get satisfied with it.

1. Safety Features

Safety is the 1st factor you should look for while purchasing such an important tool. The badland winches have fantastic safety features to keep the user safe. These features include;

  • Automatic load-holding brakes – To keep the winch stationary when required
  • Winch tensioner – To avoid cable tangled, blockage
  • Roller fairlead – To protect the cable from wear & tear & to increase the lifespan

2. Easy Installation

The badland winches are designed with a simple installation system. So, you can install the winch yourself on an empty road without anyone’s help or professional.

3. Capacity Range

Badland winches are available for small vehicles to larger ones like trucks; the Badland 1500 is small and lightweight, while the ZXP 12000 can be used for trucks and large cars.

4. Price Range

Badland winches are popular because of their reasonable prices, and the company manages to provide the best quality within it. Based on your requirement, you can find these winches for $50-$500.

5. Wire Range

Badland winches are designed with different wire options, from rope to synthetic ones. All the options are compatible with other environmental conditions. The rope is quite long-lasting and durable than synthetic wire, which is UV or heat sensitive. So, carefully choose the one from them.

Best Badland Winch Models

A few best models of badland winches for various applications are listed below;

  • APEX 12,000
  • ZXR 12000
  • ZXR 3500
  • Badland 5000
  • Badland 9000


Badland is one of the most reliable and quality brands to get your required winches. And hopefully, the above guide already makes it clear why. While making your selection, you need to purchase a winch that fits well for your vehicle.

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