Capacitor Usage in Refrigerators

by Kris

A compressor is the heart of any refrigerator. It is responsible for extracting heat from the evaporator and transferring it to the condenser. The condenser then releases the heat into the atmosphere using a fan. The compressor uses a lot of electrical energy and hence needs to be powered by an AC motor. The AC motor is driven by an AC voltage which is provided by an inverter circuit.

An ac capacitor filters out the unwanted frequency components from the incoming supply so that only 60 Hz frequency can be passed through to the inverter circuit.

The capacitors are usually located near the compressor, but sometimes they may also be found near other sensitive components such as thermostats or fans.

In some cases, both single-phase and three-phase refrigerators use AC capacitors, but in many cases, only single-phase models need them because they have less complex circuitry than three-phase models.

What Is an AC Capacitor?

The AC capacitor is a part of the compressor on your refrigerator that controls the speed as well as other functions within the compressor. It measures about 1/2 inch and should be replaced every five years or so. This type of capacitor has a wire lead coming out of each end with small screws holding them in place.

When the temperature inside your refrigerator gets too warm, it will turn off some of the coils inside, so they don’t overheat while still maintaining a cool temperature inside.

If you have noticed that your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, it could be because there is something wrong with your AC capacitor. Before replacing this part, check for any obstructions that may be blocking airflow through your condenser coils. Also, check to make sure there are no holes in these coils; if there are, then you need to replace them before trying again to fix your AC capacitor problem!

When do I Need a New Refrigerator Capacitor?

If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, it may be due to a faulty refrigerator capacitor or defrost timer. The capacitor converts high voltage AC power into DC power that is used to run the compressor motor in your refrigerator. A bad capacitor will result in no cooling at all or poor cooling performance when the compressor runs. For example, the compressor motor will continue to run after closing the door while attempting to maintain temperatures below 40 degrees F (5 degrees C). This can be heard as buzzing noises from inside your refrigerator and can be diagnosed by disconnecting the power to see if it goes away once disconnected. If it does not go away, then there is likely an issue with the compressor or other components in your refrigerator that are causing it to run continuously even though no refrigeration is occurring within your unit.


If your refrigerator is giving you signs of trouble, a capacitor replacement will normally get it working again. It can be plugged into the motherboard and will send a surge of AC power to start the compressor up again. The voltage to the compressor terminals should show 440 volts. If the readings are out of range (either too high or too low), it will be time to replace this part before something more expensive goes wrong. You can get your ac capacitors today from Alibaba’s online store for the best prices possible.

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