Buying Injection Mould Machine:5 Gate Design That You Should Focus On

by Kris
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When considering which type of injection mould machine to invest in from the product line at, you need to pay close attention to the gate design of the machine. Since such does affect machine performance, product shape, appearance, efficient and moldability, it has a direct effect on production levels. For this reason, you have to narrow down the specific type of gate you will invest in. Below are the five most common gate types you will find in an injection mould machine.

  1. Injection Mould Direct Sprue Gate

The sprue gate is the induction gate design that is common with a single mold cavity. The design of the sprue gate places it directly at the base of the molded product. Residual strain from the injection mould pressure applies directly to molded product. As it’s in direct contact with the molded product when the cavity is filled up, the gate closes off hence reducing injection molding defects.

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  1. Injection Mould Side Gate

The injection mould side gate is the most common gate in various types of the injection moulding machine. The design allows it to be used well in a multi-cavity mold. The side gate is molded in a semicircle or a rectangle for easy use. As the name suggests, it controls the liquid flow by being placed at the side of a molded product.

  1. Injection Mould Fan Gate

Structurally similar to the injection mould side gate, the fan gate is either shaped in a rectangular or semi-circle. However, unlike the side gate, this gate is larger and hence used for large-sized types of injection moulding machine products. The name is adopted from its fan-shaped design that allows easier management of the liquids.

  1. Injection Mould Pinpoint Gate

If you are manufacturing products that require no finishing, then the pinpoint gate is a great choice. This type measures a maximum diameter of 2mm. The gate seal is extremely fast and hence eliminates the residual strain that is associated with other types of gates. However, the pinpoint gate is suitable for induction machines with steady injection heating since it has a shortened flow distance. With this gate type, care should be taken to eliminate cases of flow marks being generated.

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  1. Injection Mould Submarine Gate

Finally, if you are planning to invest in an induction mould machine that has a fixed template, consider buying the submarine plate gate. Since manufacturing injection molding process steps includes a runner parting the line surface, rigidity is a feature the submarine gate provides. The liquid is forced through the template via the runner part and is automatically cut off when it’s filled.


As seen above, the type of gate that you choose has a direct effect on your output levels. For this reason, you need to pay special consideration on your specific needs as you search for the most suitable gate type. Overall, choosing the correct gate type eliminates the manufacturing of products with defects saving you from losses. Additionally, in selecting the right kind of injection mould gate, you enhance the quality and finishing of your products hence making more money.

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