Precaution and &Safety Measures for Rental Outdoor LED Screens

by Kris

Every outdoor LED Screens client needs an interference-free service. But if such a want is going to materialize, several precautions and safety measures must be followed. It is essential that you take caution on the wind strength, lightening, rainwater, temperature dissipation, and load magnitude for an interference-free event. As you go for rental LED screen services, you must be ready to follow the safety precaution below.

  1. Install lightning Arresters Together with Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED display is meant to be used on open ground. Meaning, when there is rain, dust, lightning, sunlight or storms, your LED screens setting will remain strong enough to serve their purpose. But, if they are going to survive natural happenings like lightning, then your help in arresting the lightning is a must. Strong magnetic and lightning attacks are enough to cause short-circuiting on your LED screens.

However, it is possible to avoid such catastrophic happening by installing lightning arresters above the supporting structure of your outdoor LED Screens. That is why your support structure should be well grounded with a resistance of 3 ohms to enable efficient current discharge.

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  1. Be Keen On Waterproof Measures on Outdoor LED Screens

Remember, this HD LED display is powered by electricity. Thus, at all cost, the LED display you’re going to rent must be waterproof. You better check them during the hiring process and ensure they are fully waterproof. If not so, and it happens to rain heavily during your event D-Day, the screen might short circuit. Not only will the short-circuiting because screen damages, fire or any other equipment damage, but your event will get ruined.

  1. Temperature Cooling Precaution within and outside Outdoor LED Screens

When outdoor led TV screens are working, the temperatures of the environment around do change greatly. Such is because a lot of heat is produced. But, when the temperatures get too high, and the dissipation of heat is not good enough, your LED integrated circuit might not work effectively. Sometimes, if the heat is so intense, the circuit might burn down.

That is why cooling ventilation needs to get installed to inside the screen to maintain the temperatures at -10 -40 degrees Celsius. Above the LED screens, some axial fans can get installed to help in heat discharging as well.

  1. Select The right Circuit Chip

However, for uninterrupted rental led screen display, industrial-grade circuit chips can be used. These integrated circuit chips are loved because they can operate without interruption even if the temperature levels are extreme. For example, the chips can just work fine between -40-80 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Regularly Check the Outdoor LED Screens Support Structure

If you’re outdoor even was to run for a few days or a week; and you will need the outdoor led display screen services all through, regular checking of the standing or hanging structure is a must. This regular checking will let you know if there is anything you need to tighten like nuts or anything. If the support structure is not strong enough, maybe it as loosened due to sound vibration or swinging caused by strong wind, storm or rain, ensure they are tightened to avoid accidents.


Strictness in precaution will determine whether your event will carry on with no interruption. Never assume safety and precaution measures; they will help avoid disappointment in the day of your event. Although the rental LED screen Service Company might tell you all is well, make sure you ascertain everything is okay by yourself. You can use the criteria above.

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