Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl: Benefits & Applications

by Kris

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV), a versatile material, with several applications. It can be used in various ways from car decals to embellishment on clothing and home decors.

The fact that HTV is easy to apply and remove makes it one sort for printing method. Its possible to use an iron to apply the vinyl but using heat presses is far way better than the iron method.

So if you want to add some flair to your designs read on to learn everything about different application procedures for heat vinyl. Using this cloth-like material, you can give your creation a puffy, three-dimensional appearance that is quite hard to come about with any other heat transfer vinyl. So the fluffy appearance, is only guaranteed with puff vinyl.

How To Use Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

To apply puff heat transfer vinyl to your garment:

1) Wash and dry the garment you want to apply the puff heat transfer vinyl to according to the instructions on the tag.

2) Place your garment face down on a flat surface. Apply heat transfer tape over the area where you want to apply your puff heat transfer vinyl. Make sure that all wrinkles are removed from your garment and that it is laying flat against the surface before applying tape.

3) Peel off the backing from one side of the puff heat transfer vinyl and place it face down onto the area where you previously applied tape. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in order for them not show through onto your finished product! Peel off remaining backing and press firmly over entire design until all air bubbles have been removed from underneath.

Benefits of Using Puff HTV

Here is what you enjoy from using puff heat vinyl:

1. Durability

Puff heat transfer vinyl has excellent durability that allows it to withstand washing, drying, ironing and even bleaching without losing its color or quality. This makes it ideal for making t-shirts that you can use every day and still look great after many washes!

2. Easy to wash

The perforations make it easy for water to pass through the material so your design will not fade in the wash machine or dryer. However, when you do wash your shirts make sure you don’t put them in the dryer immediately after wearing them since this could cause shrinking or wrinkling.

3. Great colors

Puff heat transfer vinyl has vibrant colors that will not fade over time like some other materials on the market today! Plus they come in a variety of sizes so you can create many different designs using just one sheet of material!


When applying Puff vinyl designs, the directions must be followed in order to achieve high-quality results. It’s also important to use the correct machine settings (pressure and speed) to prevent damage to the specially treated vinyl. This can slow down production time significantly. In addition, once your design is applied onto your garments, you must be careful not to iron directly over it or any of the details will burn off.

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