What to Consider When Buying Weights?

by Kris

When you’re ready to purchase some weightlifting equipment, you should consider a few factors before buying weights and workout equipment. Weight loss using cheap weights can be an effective way to achieve your fitness goals, but you have to be careful when lifting weights to avoid injury and get the most out of your workout routine. Here are the top five things to consider when buying weights.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Weights

1. Weight Capacity

Be sure that your weight set has a weight capacity that fits your needs. For example, if you plan on increasing your strength rapidly, you may need weights heavier than 15 pounds per hand or foot. If, however, you’re just looking for an introductory set of weights for recreational use or fitness training, an entry-level group of weights with a weight capacity of fewer than 50 pounds per hand/foot should suffice.

2. Sturdiness of the construction

Always pick a set of weights that feel solid and sturdy. You should not have to worry about them moving around or falling over when you’re using them. In addition, you should check that they have some locking mechanism to keep them in place once you are finished working out. Some sets come with individual weights that rest on top of a weight rack, while others snap into place with magnetic locks.

3. Protective Rubber Bumper Casing

This material is usually layered over metal weights and protects your flooring, carpet, or other surfaces from any damage that may occur if you drop weight. You should also check how secure your weights are inside their protective casings; they shouldn’t rattle around when you shake them. The best models will be fully enclosed, but there are also collapsible alternatives if you’re looking for added space savings.

4. Ergonomic Handle Design

A pair of dumbbells may be all you need for a fully functional strength-training routine, but if you’re considering purchasing weight plates, make sure their handles are comfortable and not too thick. Thinner grips will feel better in your hands and won’t impede your range of motion when using different exercises. This is especially important for women who will likely be using lighter weights than men. Lighter-weight plates with thinner handles are much easier to grip securely than larger plates with wider handles.

5. Price

The last and the most important thing is the cost of buying yourself weights. The cost of weight is a significant decision factor for most people. If you’re just starting, you’ll probably want to stick with your local sporting goods store and pick up some inexpensive dumbbells. Unless you’re a professional athlete, it may be better (and cheaper) to buy a few sets of dumbbells than one pair of barbells in the long run.


It’s essential to buy a weight set that suits your individual needs. Make sure you consider how many weights you need and what type of weights will be most beneficial for your workouts. Once you know these details, picking out a quality product will be easy. Always check customer reviews and ratings before purchasing to feel confident in buying precisely what you need.

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