Single and Double Sided Pouch Labelling Machines

by Kris

Do you deal with small to medium-sized retail products or commodities? Today’s industrial technology has everything you need for your company’s continuous growth and development. So it’s up to you to facilitate your production of quality products and reach out to a larger market. However, quality products alone might not be enough to guarantee a quick sale. You may need to put more of your time in marketing, which doesn’t have to be you meeting with the final consumers.

Product labeling is one of the major production procedures that determine the overall customer reception of your product and their review of the product to other interested users. This is, however, determined by various factors, from the bag size of your products to your preferred labeling options. You, however, must consider different factors, including when to label your bags since you can have a pouch labeling machine with varying specifications other than your intended ones. Read ahead for more about these machines.

Machine Setup, Maintenance and Operation

If you deal with various products, you may need to be specific about the pouch labelling machine you need, whether it’s for both smaller or larger batches, for labelling filled or empty bags.

Machine Set-Up

Different machines have varying adjustments for their operations, from manual to automated electronic adjustments. With these, it will be up to you to decide whether you need the digital indicators on touch screen displays or whether you prefer mechanical adjustments with feeder guide rails using a handwheel.

Some important factors that you always have to consider under machine setup are the expected coverage region to the average quantity of the produced products. This will also include variated speeds memorized by PLCs at specific intervals.


Whether automated or manual, you may need to be aware of the flexibility of adding pouches onto the magazines without having to stop the machine. This should determine your labeling positions and the safety of any laborer present at the specified point if you opt for manual operating systems. An added advantage of using automated systems here is that the general machine status appears on a touch screen at a safe end of the production process. This is useful in the accuracy of your specified point for label placement.


Manual or digital machinery operations require highly skilled minds that will handle the machinery with the utmost care to ensure their smooth running. You may also need to consider whether you will have motored machines considering the constant maintenance of motors and other moving parts.

Return On Investments

This is also a major factor that will determine your production rate. It takes into account machine maintenance and other factors that may spend up finances meant for resource allocation in the production process. So you need a perfect balance of every sector in the production for a flexible market and production time for new products.

CAB, SATO, any Other Present Printers

Additional printer attachments are important for printing the labels on specified places on the machine before applying them to the bag.

Some of these features vary from one machine to another, but with the best machines pouch labeling machines from Shanghai, you can be sure of having the best features.

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