Storage and Anti-Theft Methods to Keep Your Shopping Carts Safe

by Kris

Stealing is everywhere. So, how is it possible for a single person to keep an eye on the whole store? Even if you have cameras at your store, you can’t take the things back from the stealer.

To resolve this issue of shop owners, trolley manufacturers are playing a dynamic role by introducing advanced locking technologies in carts.

This article will discuss the innovative anti-theft ideas and other general practices that you can adopt to keep your carts safe.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

1. Trolley Retrieval Fee

Trolley retrieval service is a cheaper method than the latest locking system. The trolleys are designed to activate only by placing the fee in the slot in this service. The fee is relatively less than the actual price of the trolley; still, it reduces the theft to some extent.

After returning the trolley safely, the customers can get a refund. This method is effective for local stores where pedestrian buyers use pushcarts to take their items home.

2. Cart Wheel Locking Technology

The wheel locking system is a readily increasing approach in cart shopping. It’s an electronic system in which an underground wire is installed nearby the required perimeter. All the trolleys are equipped with the locking caster wheels.

If anyone tries to take the trolley out of the store range, the wheels get locked up, and the trolley will deactivate. The owner will take the trolley back after unlocking it with the receiver.

If your store already has the carts and you cannot afford to replace them, worry not. Many companies sell shopping cart lock wheels separately that you can buy and install in your carts. This method is very cost-effective than purchasing a whole new set of carts.

3. Use Physical Barrier

The use of physical barriers is quite common to maintain security. But what if you’ll create obstacles with a single person’s opening in front of your store?

If you didn’t afford to buy the advanced locking trolleys, physical barriers would work better for you. These barriers have different benefits;

  • You don’t need to hire the security
  • You can keep the vehicles away from your shops
  • The trolleys will not spread out in a large parking lot

4. Hire A Gatekeeper

Hiring a gatekeeper will not cost you much if you are running a large store. You can provide a job opportunity to someone, and you don’t need to buy expensive carts. Just hire a person who maintains the disciple of the whole parking area and keeps an eye on everyone.

5. The Chain Locks

Most retail shops didn’t have enough space inside to keep store all the carts, and they had to store the carts outside the store. This method will increase the cart stealing. However, you can keep the trolleys safe even after closing the store using chain locks.

6. Demand Membership ID

Every store has its way of protecting its property. And one of them is the placement of a machine in the parking lot that controls the carts, give and take. This machine contains different features like it demands the person’s ID number to release the cart. After using the cart, the customer needs to redial its ID to clear this name.


The list contains a few methods, but the local stores discover a lot. Even if it’s cheap, adapting a technique is much more effective than having no one. Pick your strategy according to your requirement and budget because having one is better than nothing.

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