Why You Need To Read Ultimate Benefits Of Industrial POE Switches

by Kris

Too many people need industrial POE switches, but they don’t know how to make the best choice.

Industrial POE switches are easily misused if not implemented properly. But why should you need to read about them? Because if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, this will not be your best option. Your choice should be based on your company’s unique needs and requirements.

More and more devices connected to the internet mean more and more devices that need power, but not just any type of power — POE (power over ethernet) is an excellent solution for this.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to protect your equipment from power spikes, unwanted voltage spikes, and brownouts, then an industrial POE switch is the perfect solution!

Enhanced Traffic Streaming

Industrial POE switches provide Enhanced Traffic Streaming by allowing you to use standard twisted-pair Ethernet cabling unmodified for up to 1,000 feet and still be able to power your devices. It allows for increased flexibility in installation, reducing costs and making deployment faster.

With this capability, you can install LAN infrastructure in remote or rugged locations without needing additional power sources and without causing electromagnetic interference on other systems.

Industrial POE switches provide Enhanced Traffic Streaming by utilizing a dedicated and non-dedicated port system. The dedicated ports provide high bandwidth, while the non-dedicated ports give access to devices such as telephones and security cameras.

Better Network Security

Industrial POE Switches provide better network security through support for authentication and encryption. Industrial Ethernet switches offer encryption functionality intended to prevent unauthorized remote access to industrial networks and equipment.

Industrial POE switches provide better network security because they are made to be more rugged and vandal-resistant, with tamper-proof screws that are difficult to remove.

It helps prevent unwanted physical access to the ports of your network switch, enhancing network security. In addition, networks operating with industrial POEs enjoy better performance and reduced latency compared to traditional networks

Hi-Speed Network Connections

The switch includes a power supply, which means you only have to connect it to a single cable. Industrial POE switches are available at several uplink speeds, including 1 gigabit and 10 gigabits per second.

Industrial grade POE switches provide a solution for network connection in industrial applications. The switch supports more than 10 Gbit/s of high-speed data transmissions, which meets the demand for Hi-Speed Network Connection.

Dual-Power Supply System

Dual-Power Supply System is a term for industrial POE switches powered by Ethernet cable and an external power source. It allows these switches to be used in locations with no power outlet, but there’s a nearby Ethernet port. An industrial POE switch has both a regular and an outdoor mesh design.

It protects your network from surges in power, which can damage sensitive electronics such as computer hard drives and industrial control modules. The dual-power redundancy ensures your network stays online 24/7.

Final Thoughts

After reading all of these ultimate benefits, you should grab this opportunity to get your system with a fully controlled, safe, and high-speed network by clicking on the link.

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